Saturday, May 4, 2013

Buns of Steel

Day 4 of the challenge, and I'm not dead though I did think about eating butter once...



I'm up to 40 of each of the squats and push-ups. And I am completely amazed and flabbergasted that I don't have pop eye biceps or buns of steel yet!!! I should have purchased a warranty or something.

I remember my mom having these.

Today I ran 2.7 miles. Not quite sure what happened to keep me from getting to 3 but I'm not going to keep stressing about all my failures and short comings. At least I moved my a$$ for 30 minutes instead of eating ice cream (which by the way I'd rather do). But those habits will not help me explain to the doctor on Monday why I'm fat.

I have a plan in my head to run in the morning before work again tomorrow. And just like last time it probably won't happen, but it's wishful thinking.



Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Lets do some squat thrusts

Life happens and then you move on, at least that's what I keep telling myself. Keep moving Jess, keep moving. My runs have been few and far between lately, but like any bathing suit fearing woman I too see the rapid approach of swim suit season and plan to make a rapid dash for that finish line, sliding across head first if need be.



In this new gusto of enthusiasm I have decided to challenge my self with some simple workout goals. After doing a little Internet investigation I found some different push-up and squats challenges. I figure that these things can't hurt, and if anything I may gain a little strength in the end. But of course I can't do anything by the instructions and have decided to make up my own rules for the challenge. Day one= do as may of each of these as I can. Then on each consecutive day thereafter do at least the same amount if not more than the day before. I made my self a chart just to satisfy my OCD and seeing as I am only 2 days in I'm feeling pretty good about my progress. I bet by day 10 I will just want to give up and eat butter or something.

Just remember this picture next time you at someone else's house with cats...


Runs are still happening on this plan of mine, I'm just not sure how far they will go or if I will do long runs. We shall see. I think I need a squats buddy to kick my in the pants and keep me motivated. Please feel free to be that person, but only if you will do the push ups and squats with me. K? Thanks!!!

Kinda like this?