Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hot Boiled Garbage


Today was quite possibly the most amazing day of 2012 thus far.  Every morning when I wake up I immediately check Weather Bug, which is so much easier than possibly looking out the window or opening the door.  This allows me to be able to dress my girls accordingly. You can’t wear a tutu in December, that is unless it’s cause your crazy.


She pulls off tutu nicely.

So much to my surprise when Weather Bug showed 550!!!  I had a little trouble believing that, so did in fact open a door to check.  Sore one for February!!!  At one point today my care said it was 670 outside.  If it wasn’t so gash darn windy here I might be able to run outside.  But since it’s the kind of windy that makes road signs look like pieces of paper I chose the gym, AGAIN!!!!  3 agonizingly slow miles later I was done.  I am supposed to do 6 as my next long run, possibly Saturday, I dread it at present.  I can’t wait until I get to the place where running isn’t such a chore.  I miss last summer…


I can handle more days like this.


Over the last few years I have had some borderline blood pressure issue.  Most of the time I have been in denial about this problem seeing as if you don’t admit it, it’s not a problem.  Turns out that’s not true… So anywho, I’ve decided to put myself on a low sodium diet.  I managed to follow a pretty strict low sodium diet on Tuesday at work, and let me tell you it SUCKED BIG TIME.  I did it, it was awful but I felt so good at the end of the day I almost couldn’t believe it.  Sticking to low salt foods naturally leads to eating more healthy foods.  Then today happened.


High blood pressure causes facial hair growth.


Kristal is the sexy on on the left.  My camera on my phone stinks!!!


My friend Kristal turned 10 today, ok so she’s really 40 but it’s only her 10th birthday seeing that whole Leap Year shenanagins. Try eating at a pub and keeping it to low sodium foods. 


The Shenanigans instigators…

So today might have been a fail on the low salt diet but it was an awesome time had by all.  I went strait from the gym to the pub so I pretty much looked like hot boiled garbage but who cares when fried pickles are involved!!!  So tomorrow is back to low sodium for at least the next 4 weeks and perhaps my blood pressure will be more normal.

i need to lay off the white bread though



No matter what, it can’t hurt!!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

If I could catch my breath


There are many lessons that I have learned over the last year and a half, about running.  One of which is, the day following the best run will be the worst run ever!  I don’t even want to talk about last weeks running.  It was horrible, and disappointing and depression.  I’ll just shut the box on those runs.  Yesterday I ran 3.5 miles and it was splendid.  It was like the stars aligned and angels descended and carried me through a  delicious run that probably could have lasted longer but I had things to do and had to get moving to other places.  Cut to today, my left heel HURTS and the entire 3 miles was spent catching my breath.  I didn’t run any faster today than yesterday.  So what the heck is going on?

diet and exercise

Wouldn’t it be nice to be “naturally” thin, and not have to work so darn hard!!!


Maybe it’s the poor diet that I generally follow while running.  The more I run the more hungry I am and then end up eating crap.  I can do great for the first 2/3 of the day and eat fairly healthy, but night time hits and I want to eat everything in sight.  It’s like a monster takes over my brain and makes me eat a massive amount of chips and salsa or peanut butter.

Maybe the peanut butter is clogging my arteries and lungs and causing me to be sluggish.  Isn’t there a pill that I can take to turn my brain into a sane person.  A Zoloft or a Wellbutrin perhaps.

vivantoril fixes it

If sleep can fix everything then I’m really behind. 


Any suggestions???

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I’m now an accountant


Because my Dad seems to think that doughnuts are the perfect breakfast food my Saturday run was a bit spoiled.  You see, doughnuts make me happy and feel all warm and fuzzy.  And Saturday was cold outside, and who wants to go outside and sweat balls when your all nice and fuzzy.  Not this girl.  So I postponed my 4 mile run to Sunday.  (Not to mention my sister was in town on Saturday and I can’t be running with people who look better in tights than I do, so I convinced her that we should take a “rest” day. And the evil plot thickens.)


Anyhoo, I managed to squeak out 4.5 miles on Sunday after Church and then another 3 today on the treadmill.  Today was defiantly a recovery run, seeing as that I haven’t run 4.5 miles in a long while and my legs and heels were screaming about it.  So I took it really slow today, almost speed walking, but I guess I feel better for it.  And after seeing pictures of myself at the “Surprise” party I decided that it might be in my best interest to add weight lifting to my plan.

Kid with weight_width_640x

I’m pretty sure this is how I look when lifting heavy things.


Score one for me, I got the taxes done last night and I didn’t even pull out enough hair to make a bald spot.  I think this is the first year we have completed our taxes before the end of March. We got a letter in December stating that our tax guy had retired,(Rude!) but that company he worked for would be glad to keep taking out money and letting some other Joe Schmo do our taxes for us.  Sure, take this $200 and wait for ever to file it, person I don’t know and have never met.  So I did what any sane person would do, I did them with the help of my new friend, TurboTax.  She’s great, a budding friendship that could potentially turn into a serious romance.  I suspect that we will see each other again in the future.  She feeds into the whole, me having control over everything, issues that I have.  And she saved me over a hundred bucks so we are pretty tight now. BFF’s really.  Don’t be jealous.

Only one more day of my Staycation, what should I do????

Sunday, February 19, 2012



There was a time that I had considered myself to be an observant person.  But apparently my grey and aging brain has lost a step.  Crap!!!  There were so many signs earlier in the week, stupid questions from friends, shady dealings with the husband, and people being weird.  I should have seen it coming.  I should have known…




I didn’t exactly have the reaction that my husband wanted.


Big D was pretty bummed that my first reactions was a poor one.  Let’s just be honest, I was a little pissed off.  He took me to dinner and fed me a line about wanting to stop by a party for a friend and that we would just make an appearance.  Well much to my horror I walked into a room filled with a bunch of my so called “friends”.  A real friend might have tipped me off so that I could have washed my hair!!!


Kathy, I know my hair was bad, but you could at least open your eyes and pretend I look good.


Same goes to you Cheryl!!!


At least there was cake.

And this isn’t just any cake, its “Joanne” cake.  Joanne is my best friends mom, who makes cake of many sorts.  In fact she made my wedding cake.  I would do devious things just to get a piece of this cake.  So at least this party had a redeeming factor.  My family also showed up to rub my age in my face.


I don’t understand why my brother couldn’t drive from Florida for this party???? And hey there grizzly Adams.


Smile now.  You know what payback is like?

I have to say that over all I had a good time.  Yes it was a rocky start but I woun’t kill anybody just yet over it.


Don’t do it, you can still eat cake.

I’m just going to have to hone my observation skills and prepare for a counter attack.  You will never know when it will happen oh, husband of mine, but it will happen, and it will be swift and you will be surprised!!!



Rub it in my face, will ya?

Look out 31, here I come.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Get on your own side!!!


Yesterday involved a trip to the foot doctor who remolded some orthotics that I couldn’t get to fit right.  So I was interested to see how my feet would feel on todays 3 mile run.  Oddly enough, I was fine.  I just worry to much.  In fact I ran 3.5 miles today because I was feeling pretty good.  Of course it was a snails pace, but who cares, I did it and didn’t stop during the whole run.  I just want to get myself back to the place I was last summer with running.  Mainly back in shape and not dreading the start of the run. 


This is my running schedule that I will loosely follow up until the half marathon in Indy on May 5th.  Since my work days are never the same these days get moved around but as long as I can get 4 days of running in I know I will be fine. (Please note: this is not a training plan for speed.) Us losers just want to finish and not die.


I would also like to thank whom ever parked next to me today at the gym.  I was lucky to even get in my car, thank goodness I didn’t have any kids with me to try to load in cause there would have been some scratching going on whilst trying to fit my butt and a kid in between there.


It’s a good thing I was between the lines.

A special thanks to my awesome pal Cindy who hooked me up with an iTunes gift card for my birthday.  I was able to purchase both of Adele’s albums

as well as Florence + the Machine

and the Foo Fighters greatest hits. 

And if you don’t like Foo you can just go cry to your mamma cause I don’t care.  Dave Grohl and I are BFF’s.  Sorry bout ya!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A personal photographer would be nice


Ok, so maybe my prediction of the end of the world on Monday was a little askew, but I still feel old.  I did manage to drag the old decrepit bones out of bed today and to the gym for some TM time.  By the way, I can’t wait for some nicer weather.  That treadmill is going to slowly suck my soul from me.  I have to “formulate a plan, or end up in jail, or shot.” (Thank you Eminem)  But seriously, now that I am actually following a training plan and doing my best to stick with it, I’m going to need to switch it up with some runs in different locals to keep my ADD self interested.

White trash crush, right there.

I did manage the 3 miles that the plan called for today and spent the rest of my hour of cardio on the elliptical.  Today I listened to a new station.  How have I never thought of cueing the Glee radio on Pandora.  Two words: Kill Er.  I need to change my music that I listen to while running as much as I need to change the trail.  I get to board and loose interest. (Is it possible to have ADD and OCD at the same time?) 

Doesn’t everybody know their own Sue Sylvester?

I guess the gym was slightly different today seeing as how it was like running in bar!  A mile into my run Ms. Swisher Sweet hopped on next to me.  At least smoke your cigarette and then change your clothes or something.  The smell was so strong I seriously considered changing treadmills.  But then I was worried about making a scene and possibly hurting someone's feeling.  But then again why should I care because she didn’t care about my nostrils.  I really need to be nicer…

The hubs got me some flowers for valentines day.  Pretty, no?




It was Sarah’s birthday too.  She got a pretty nifty sock monkey hat.

I also did go out for my birthday on Monday and met up with some friends at Charlie's, which is a pub where I can get a free hamburger on my birthday.  And since I’m a tightwad we went where the free stuff is.  I had an excellent time and hope to do it again a decade from now before I enter my assisted living facility.


Free fishbowls!!!!



Cindy and Amber HOTTTTTT

Apparently when you are having fun, you forget to take pictures. Cause I ain’t got none…

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Doomsday Ahead


In case you are on of those doomsday peppers', like my husbands wants to be, the end of the world is tomorrow, at 9:40am to be exact.  This will be the time that all time stops and I shrivel up into a prune like appearance and can be considered old.  At least Little Girl #1 says 30 is old, and I believe her, she doesn’t tell fibs at all, ever, never, sometimes Ok so she has questionable judgment when it comes to telling age. 


Hey I’m willing to accept jewelry in order to fill the hole in my psyche.

My last day at 29 though hasn’t been that bad.  After church today we split the family up.  Big D brought the girls back to the house to be feed and watered and shut in their stalls for sleepy sleepy time.  And I went to the gym and ran 3 miles, much to my surprise.  Mentally I had wanted to run 3 but wasn’t sure what would happen since (TMI) my uterus really hurts.  But I digress…  Pandora didn’t let me down and provided a great soundtrack to help take my mind off…other things.


I am really in love with this York Peppermint Patty creamer.  It’s only second behind my love for Coconut Coffee creamer.  Then I had a revelation, what if they made a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup creamer?  I don’t think I would ever drink anything else, ever again.

Reese's® Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cup® Bars - 18/3.3 oz.

You think it would be wrong to just throw one in each cup of coffee and let it melt?


OK, now it’s time to enjoy the last few hours of youth that I have left.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Eat my shorts Tide!


So there are only 3 days until the end of the world my 30th birthday.  If I emerge from my hole on that day and see my shadow, will I get 6 more weeks of being 29?  Seems kosher to me.


Last night I fitted some new orthotics for my running shoes and was super excited to test them out this morning.  To be honest, anything to help with the extreme heel pain I have is exciting. 


I ran 3 solid miles on the treadmill while listening to Pandora-Todays Radio Hits.  The really exciting part was doing the miles consecutively.  I haven’t actually run 3 miles in a row in probably a month.  It’s been a lot of one mile, stop, another slow mile, stop, finish with a mile that can almost be considered speed walking, stop.  So when I managed to keep a 10:45 pace for 3 solid miles I was stoked.  I know, small victories.  It was just nice to not feel like I was going to die.  Even enjoyable for treadmill work.


Or I could just give up and use this.


Yesterday I also tried my hand at making my own laundry detergent.  Don’t laugh, I’m just really cheap, and my kids have sensitive skin that requires no dyes or perfumes.  I must have given birth to delicate flowers.  Anyway, it was a fairly simple process that involved melting a bar of soap that had been through a cheese grater.






Then you mix a cup of borax and a cup of washing soda and water and let sit.  I also added some baking soda just for good measure.  I researched a bunch of different recipes but they were mostly the same, so I have a feeling that I may play around with it to get it the way that I like it the best. 



But the best part is the money savings.  Like 0.01 a load as opposed to 0.18-0.20 a load.  And we do a lot of laundry in this house.  I also made some powdered dishwasher detergent too.  Insert jokes here about my frugalness.


My ultimate goal is actually to be able to buy more running crap.  Don’t tell my husband!



It’s also this baby girls 16th birthday.  I really feel old now.  Happy birthday to my niece, Ali!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Let’s get this vacations going…


Two weeks without work started today.  This staycation was kicked off right with a 3 mile run on the treadmill at the gym.  And if my diabolical plan goes well, I will be back on track for my half marathon by the end of the two weeks.  I’ve been pretty lazy the last few month about training and I can really tell.  I can measure it too, on the scale… 


I’m just as shocked as you Hector.

I also have dealt with annoying heel pain for the last 5 years off and on.  Of course it is worse with running but I’ve always pushed through.  Well the last couple of weeks I have literally wanted to cut my left foot off my body to make the pain go away.  I am seeing a podiatrist about it but he has me putting a cream on my heels 4 times per day and taking an anti-inflammatory twice daily and I can’t always remember to do those things and take my Alzheimer's medications.  I’m just wondering if there is maybe something more going on that heel spurs.


He really would, I don’t understand why he likes my feet so much.


On the way home this morning I was stuck behind a woman in a BMW driving at warp speed (18 mph) while talking on a cell phone.  Road rage could be a small problem that I have that is only brought about by other stupid drivers.  Really lady, lets be extremely rude and obnoxious while possibly causing a wreck.  GET OFF YOUR PHONE.  Just drive.  It can wait.  And if it can’t wait pull over!

She must have read these…




My salad made me feel better.  Too much avocado?  I didn’t think so.  And yes gold fish are a viable substitute for croutons.  Especially when you have a 2 year old who sits in your lap while eating and wants to pick at your food too.  Bingo bango, they pick the gold fish.  And don’t worry I topped that bad boy off with some ranch dressing.  It was delicious.  Probably not as nutritious that way, but defiantly delicious.




Here is to hoping that might foot doesn’t fall off in the morning…

Saturday, February 4, 2012

I’m Poor


I just spend a couple hours paying my bills.  Now that I’m good an depressed about that I think I’ll go get lost in a magazine or a book.  That should help me raise some money and make me feel rich.

Funny Valentine's Day Ecard: I was wondering if you could lend me money for the perfect Valentine's Day date I want to take you on.

I work the next 3 days in a row before going on my staycaction!!!  It’s my silver lining.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012



Just as I was walking into the gym today my friend Tena gave me a ring and asked pleaded physically forced me to meet her and a few other friends for a lunch outing.  And you know how much I hate to eat, so I sucked it up and agreed to go.  I ran 2miles on the treadmill and spent another 30 minutes on the elliptical.  Time well spent, I’d say.  I did manage to get a shower in before meeting the girls at an undisclosed location.  We then spent the next 40 minutes driving to an out of the way place that Tena had heard about on the the travel channel.  Moonshine, IL.  You heard of it?  Yeah, me neither…



Welcome to Moonshine, Population “2”.  It seemed safe enough, there weren’t any dueling banjos playing or anything.  It’s not often that you can capture a whole town in a photo from your phone.  And this is the whole town.




I’m pretty sure that Cheryl is threatening Kathy that if this sucks she is gonna get it.

I will say that this place really surprised me.  Now there weren’t any tables, or menus, or silverware, but it was SOOOOOO good. The restaurant is called “Moonshine” oddly enough and they specialize in the “Moonburger”.  I can not express to you how delicious this burger was.  I could have eaten two if it was considered socially acceptable.


This is the WHOLE store.  Please note, no tables.


Cindy and Tena enjoying their burger, and the d├ęcor. Notice the boxes lining the walls. I think Cindy might be seizing.


It was to delicious to remember to take a pic before eating.  I topped mine with cheese, onion, pickles, horseradish, and spicy mustard.  Don’t judge.


Don’t stop eating girls, it’s just a picture.

And if you want to use the bathroom I hope that you a comfortable with a porta potty cause that’s all they got.


And I’m ok with that.

Over all a great trip, unexpected but wonderful.  I highly encourage anyone to take the out of the way trip.

On a side note my friend Amanda, who coincidently has a cute little blog about decorating and organizing and cooking and whatever else she wants to cause that’s how she rolls, sent me a message telling me that my blog is a blocked site at her work because of content.  Who me?  It must be all the references to crap.  I’m so proud to be a rebel causing discord at the places of work of those 5 people who read this drivel. 


Have you been a rebel lately?