Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Shoes and an Awesome View

The last two days have been the craziest work days I've had in long time. This girl barley had time for lunch let alone the energy to run after work. I did run on Sunday evening. Of course I performed at a snails pace. Nobody needs me to be a hero and go injuring myself by doing something stupid, like actually trying. I have just come to terms with myself that I can go at any pace I darn well please. At least I'm off my rump and moving. Well moving in place, but moving none the less.


Speaking of running in place. Check out this view.


Who wouldn't want to stare at junk for an hour while huffing paint and gas fumes? I know I enjoy it. It is totally better than freezing my butt off in -2 degree weather or driving to the gym to smell other people sweat and hope to not catch the Ebola virus off sweaty dirty machines. Living the dream, no?

I got some new shoes. The store that I frequent for running supplies did not have my precious Brooks Adrenaline 11's so I got adventurous and tried on every running shoe in the store on a quest for foot comfort. I had been going with a shoe for stability due to my plantar fasciitis seeing as that's what the foot doctor was recommending. But since my feet never actually felt better under his care I started thinking that maybe he wasn't a know it all. There is some research out there that leads to the assumption that your foot needs a less supportive shoe so that it has to strengthen itself and not rely on the shoe for support. Interesting theory. So this time I went for a more neutral shoe, they are Asics Gel- Nimbus 14's. They feel completely different from my other running shoes...and I like it. Now granted I haven't done more than 10 runs in them but I still haven't had heel pain.


You can't see it from that picture but they are huge. A 10.5 and a very large amount of silver and purple. Not exactly my color scheme but I'll make due. Christmas brought about a new toy as well. That's my Garmin foot pod stuck to the laces of my shoe. It pairs with my 405 forerunner to keep track of my distance on my watch while on the treadmill. It make it a whole lot easier for loading the data in the computer for those purgatory runs.

I plan on running later tonight after getting the kiddos in bed. They have an annoying tendency to want to come in the garage a critique my running style while stealing my water bottle. I will let this little one watch though.


She is our newest addition to the family. Three dogs in the house! At least she doesn't shed and her poo is the size of a tootsie roll. She and Hector are besties.


Both of them believe they are lap dogs as. You can tell. The oldest dog is rarely ever pictured due to his extreme hatred of the camera and is never doing anything cute any more as he is older than dirt and sleeps all the time.

Now I just have to figure out what to watch while running in place tonight.



That's me, a sweaty mess, with no clue what to do.


Sunday, January 27, 2013

I'm Back...But Who Cares

You know how life goes, everything seems great then the S!@T hits the fan and life implodes. Pretty much the story of my life the last four months. And let me tell you, life has pretty much sucked, but I digress. And I won't bore you with the whining and complaining that I could do because no body likes a whiner! Let's just say running was on the back burner, I lost 45 lbs in those 4 months (not in the most healthy way I might add) and am now taking a few wonderful pills to keep me happy and sane.

This is actually me medicated and not my dog. Crazy, no?

I have chosen this week to quit making excuses for my life and get back to running (seeing as that's one of the things that I actually like to do). I bought that treadmill that I wanted and put it in the garage so I wouldn't be tempted to use it as a clothes rack. Now comes the part of using it and getting back into shape after so long off. On the upside, all that rest has allowed my feet to feel pretty good and I don't have pain every day. Of course the weight loss probably helped a lot.

Here goes nothing. Gonna get on that dang treadmill. Please send a rescue party if I'm not back in a month.