Races Where I Complained a Lot

 May- Indianapolis 500 One America Mini-Marathon
           2:59:38- 13:45 (Should have just walked)
May- Indianapolis 500 One America Mini-Marathon
          2:29:37- 11:26 pace (I really sucked this one big time, but better than the previous)
2011 Indy Mini
June- Steamboat Classic 15K , Peoria, IL
          1:49:32- 11:46 pace (ran this with my sister)

Sept- Libbys Pumpkin 10K, Morton, IL
          1:04:22- 10:16 pace (ran with my sis)

May- Indianapolis Mini Marathon
          2:58:11(injured, ran with my sister)

As you can see I don't exactly have a long history of actually running in paid races. I like to run for free.  My goal is to do some more actual races and keep myself motivated to keep running.