Thursday, July 10, 2014

Soft Mommy Tummy


Its been a very frustrating month for me, mostly because it feels like I am working my butt off with running and adding in some strengthening exercises and….NOTHING.  I have nothing to show for it.  Not a pound lost, not change in the mirror, not a change in dress size.  I have steadily increased miles over the last three month and I am running a better mile pace too. I need to scream obscenities…

I just don’t get it. So depressing.  But after some long time spent in contemplation (or in a wine bottle) I have determined just exactly why I remain unchanged.  That pudgy, stubborn mommy tummy that most women have in some fashion is meant to be there.  Especially for when you have small children.  Those of you with little kids will know what I am talking about.  Example: Little girl #2 come running at me from across the house, full bore, and does a header right off my abdomen.  Now if I had a fantastically ripped set of abdominal muscles she might have hurt herself when slamming her forehead into my stomach.  But since I have a soft midsection it just cradles her like warm bread with butter. (and she seriously jumps around like a crazy wild animal most of the day)

Ok, wrong type of kid, but you get the picture of what I’m working with here.  So from now on I plan on living in my own little fantasy world of delusions of why I may need to keep some softness to my form.  I mean, truly, its for the kids.

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  1. The goat jumping on the bed is the best part of my day.