Monday, February 25, 2013

New Goals

It seems as if I'm on a 4 mile kick. If I don't run at least 4 miles at a time I feel like a personal failure and should probably than spend the rest of the day in bed. Last night I had planned on a 6 mile run. But I spent the whole time sucking wind and stopped at 4.5. It was all I could do to get to that point. I guess I was in for a bad run considering all the last few have been pretty great. But the beauty of a bad run is that the next run should be better. Right? I'm right, right? Please tell me I'm right, because I don't really want to suck wind again today.

I really am dirty right now...


My goal for 2013 is to actually run a consistent 9 min mile. But since I'm starting around the 10:45 point I've got along way to go and it seems logical to set some small goals to meet on my way up to the ultimate goal. So I have decided my smaller goal is to work on some endurance. I want to be able to run for 60 min. I figure that once I get there I can work I speeding things up to fit more miles into that 60 min time frame. I don't really have more than an hour most days to run anyway so I feel that this is a do-able goal.



On a lighter note I complete my own taxes last night and do not owe money !!!! Super excited about this tid bit and we are getting a little back. Not as much as last year but enough to make me feel like ol Uncle Sam wants to be on my good side.

I know, most people do too.


Today, I paint. It is time to finish my oldest new room and get her separated from her sister so that at least one of them is getting some sleep and not playing together all night. I should have taken some before pictures but all you are gonna get is the after. Mainly because I'm lazy and don't really care about impressing anyone with my mad decorating skills.



I'm off to get high on some paint fumes.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Vampire Love

It seems like I've been waiting later and later in the day to run. I used to not like to do this because I would find any reason to procrastinate a run but now I almost like it better. I at least have slept a little better the last few nights. Last night was a nice 4 mile run at just under an 11 mile pace. I bumped up the speed the last half to try and give my legs a little challenge. (And it was) but over all I felt really good and I got to catch up on Vampire Diaries while I ran. Don't make fun, you all have a guilty pleasure you watch on TV. I'm just brave enough to admit it.

Oh Stephan, you must know of my love for you (and Damon...)

Let's not fight over me boys.


Making meatloaf for dinner tonight if anybody wants to stop by. There will also be mashed taters and corn. It's all entirely healthy and fat free (wink, wink). Elliott even helped make it.

She totally loved this


In case you were wondering, tomorrow is my birthday and yes I'd love a gift. Monetary is fine but I also accept gift cards and jewelry. And let's not cheap out this year friends, I know you can all do better to show your love for me. I'm not freaking out this year like last year since I'm already 30, whats 31? Nothing I tell you!!! Anyway the security guards at the cession didn't believe I should have been in the 30 and over line. They kept pulling me out of line and asking for ID and everyone had a look of surprise on their face when they calculated my age. I must look twelve or something. I guess that should work in my favor when I'm 60.


Saturday, February 9, 2013

French Lick, A Place, Not A Dirty Game...

Made it home from French Lick in one piece and with wallet intact. We didn't win any money but had a good time people watching and sightseeing. In fact casinos are really depressing. We kept looking at all those people who appeared to have been gambling over many years and it kind of broke my heart.


We did see some really amazing places though. Our hotel was absolutely beautiful and kind of reminded me of Titanic.


Our lobby





Our room was the best. I'm thinking of taking up residence there.



Look, a water closet!!!


Then we trotted on over the the sister hotel in West Baden. OMG!!! I have never seen a cooler hotel. It was huge and full of history. If you have time, look it up, it's been completely renovated and has so many stories behind it that I can't go into them all.


The lobby

Lobby dome

It had previously been the largest free standing dome until the astro dome was built.


It got up to 65 degrees on Thursday, just another day in Indiana. Because the next day it was 30 degrees. But you better believe I took advantage of the good weather. I ran the morning of going to Fench Lick, around 3 miles and it was OK. I might have been more preoccupied with thinking about packing instead of focused on my run. I benched myself for Thursday, though I should have ran in the incredible weather but that would have meant cutting into my sleep time. And we just can't have that. I did run yesterday when I got home. 3.5 miles at an 11:05 pace. My best pace yet since getting back in the saddle. And it felt soooooo good. One of those runs that you don't even realize how far you've gone until you look at the time and say WTH! I needed a run like that, not one where I was focused on time or performance, just an enjoyable run to make me want to come back for more.



In fact, I'm actually looking forward to running today. I may change that tune latter but for now I plan to love it. In other news, my youngest child told me this morning that she loves me more than ice cream. BA BAM!!!!

Until next time I leave you with the creepy picture of our trip. Our hallway.



Wednesday, February 6, 2013

It's not me, it's the treadmill

Treadmill runs suck most of the time, but this morning wasn't so bad. I was in the groove, a slow groove, but who's actually reading this drivel anyway? (Besides my sister). So get of my back, I can't run any faster with you on there. Back to the point, my slow running. I calibrated my foot pod with my garmin on GPS because I wasn't quite sure how accurate the treadmill distance was. Turns out the distance part isn't the problem. It was within two tents of the watch. On the other hand the speed difference is drastic.


I always set my favorite treadmill at the gym at around 5.5 mph and did well there. So when I got my sol 65 I assumed I would set the speed the same. But apparently all treadmills are not created equal. I huff and puff at this rate and can barley get through. I thought maybe I was just really out if shape. That was until I used the garmin to check its accuracy. I actually have to set the darn thing at around 4.8 to actually go 5.5 mph. WTH??? Since when did speed vary. If cars were this drastic in difference a whole lot more people would be getting some tickets. I guess I will use the garmin from now on to track time and distance.

You gotta keep a close eye on your candy. Anybody could be after it.

Speaking of distance, I did 3 miles today while I caught up on an old episode of Desperate Housewives. (I know Jen, you hate Terri Thatcher, but I like her! So nanny nanny boo boo.) All at around an 11 min mile pace. This is slow for me but I am pushing to get better. My goal for 2013 is to be able to comfortably run 9 min miles. This is a big feat in my mind but in going for it! If nothing else I at least want to beat my sister in a race this fall. If I feed her enough Girl Scout cookies I might accomplish it.


Now on to my vacation. Heading off the French Lick Resort and Casino. Can I borrow $20 for the penny slots? If feel like I'm gonna win big!



Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hold Me?

I am currently watching an episode of My Little Ponies with two coolest kids I know. They tell me that these are the absolute best cartoons in entertainment. And they know what they are talking about seeing as they have a sorted history with cartoons and other various juvenile shows. I believe what ever they tell me...

When did ponies get sexy?

I ran the last two days. Yesterday was a 3 mile run at a 11:00 min pace and then I walked awhile at the end. This throws off my garmin because it averages in the walking with the running and makes me feel even slower than I am which is a shade faster than molasses. I'm taking today off since it was a work day. If I'm feeling foxy in the morning I want to get up early and run. But seeing as I'm not a morning person and I need my beauty sleep I will probably hit snooze until the last minute and rush to work just in time to clock in.



That's my happy face. Can't you tell? So you can think of me at 4:00 am ish and wonder if I'm sleeping or running. If you are in Vegas and betting on this, the odds are not in my favor. I'd probably rather be like this anyway.


Just about the sweetest thing I've seen in awhile. I caught my youngest curled up with Hector taking a nap. Will you hold me like that when I fall asleep? Speaking of sleep. Night.