Wednesday, March 20, 2013


The whole "Winter Treadmill Extravaganza" is getting really old. But since I'm a wimp when it comes to running out side I have no idea when that will be able to happen again. (I'm so delicate and the wind or rain may wash me away forever and the wind could make my nose run...) Whinning I know... But I stamped out 4 miles today at a 1% incline. If you could have seen my extreme coolness while running in place you would have been completely impressed. At least up until the point when I caught my foot on the edge of the belt and tripped and planted my face in the display.

It looked sort of like this...


My sister and I also decided to sign up for a 4 mile race this June in Peoria, IL. The last time we did this race we did the 10 mile leg and almost died so we are opting for the shorter version of that run. It will be my first race in over a year. I am excited and slightly nauseated over the whole ordeal. But I guess that I need a race to train for if nothing else to keep me motivated.


In other news, my oldest baby had her first horseback riding lesson today. She received a few lessons as a gift from the grandparents and has done nothing but talk about it since Christmas. She's so cute.


Tomorrows goal, 5 miles with a 1% incline. I'll let you know when I fall in a heap on the garage floor.


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Shake that Booty

Now don't be alarmed, but I switched it up a little bit today. Because I'm such an example of studliness and awesomeness I bumped the treadmill incline to 1%, for 3 miles. Stop drooling and close your mouth, cause I know how amazed you are. I'm even surprised by how much it didn't suck! So what if they were the slowest miles ever, I ran them instead of sitting of the couch. I was slightly disappointed that I could see no evidence of my butt looking better post run. You'd think that when a girl worked that hard she could get a little reward. My dream is to one day have this @$$ from running.


If only...


Oh well, at least it didn't get bigger. After the run the girls convinced me that would be a good idea to play with the easy bake oven. And after a first failed attempt we arrived at a "wonderfully delicious" dessert of cake balls.

Cute, no?

They thought it was the most amazing food ever. I choked one down to be polite and am praying that I don't develop food poisoning. So if you never hear from me again, blame the balls.

And this girl...


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

5 miles of Sydney Bristow

I'm back in uncharted territory. 5 miles today baby!!! And the last mile I ran in 10:18. I managed to take about 15 sec off each mile from start to finish. Surprisingly I was not a huffing and puffing mess. My foot still feels pretty good but I'm just waiting for th bottom to fall out on that. I'm a perpetual pessimist. It's pretty much doom and gloom at my house on a daily basis. So if you are looking for a good time, come on over to the Haute. Anyhoo, it felt really good. Not, eating a Dairy Queen ice cream cake good but maybe a warm pop tart on a cold morning good. Either way, I'm satisfied.

If you do stop by, I'll be the girl looking homeless.


I have also fallen in love with Jennifer Garner. She kicks a$$. Lately, Ive been watching an entire episode of Alias during my runs and she gives me the will to keep going. If Sydney Bristow can run and fight in 5 inch heels whilst dangling from a grappling hook, surely I can run for a few measly minutes on a flat treadmill. It's just so much easier to push through the miles with some incentive (get Jennifer Garner's abs).

Sorry Jen, I'll focus more.


I've got five seasons to get through so that should last me the next few months if I only watch it while running. And it gives me the desire to run to see what that dirty SD6 is up too. I know it's like years old and possibly dated as far as fashion is concerned, but I don't care, it's love. I just may become a spy. Or I might eat a few Reese's peanut utter cups and go to bed. I'll see which one is most appealing in about 30 minutes.


And its the big cup for the win, sorry abs...


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hell Hole

I think I'm working too much. This week I have 58 hours scheduled. It might be a little too much for me. I have been trying to figure out how to work less but in the mean time I picked up a second job and didn't cut back at the other job. WTH was I thinking? Now I just feel like this when I run...



Must find a way out of hell hole.


By the way my oldest child turned 7 today. I now feel like an aged piece of cheese that is molding and crusty. That is all...