Me and little girl #1

My days consist of one of two things.  1. Cleaning and taking care of strangers or 2. Cleaning and taking care of two little girls (and a husband). It’s that simple.
I’m a nurse working in a Med/Surg step-down unit from ICU. Translation = Our patients are really sick.  I work three 12 hour shifts a week which is full time. The days are never the same, but this allows me to be with my family more days of the week.

Notice the devilish smile of Little Girl#2. I don't know what Afton is doing in this pic, but thats my Mom with them.

The rest of my non-work days are usually pretty hectic. Especially when trying to fit in a run.  Add to that my slight OCD issues with organization and desire to also be some type of domestic goddess and I am always doing something.


I was married in 2002 as a shy little 20 year old to my husband DJ.  We had our first daughter, Afton, in 2006 and her sister, Elliott came along in 2009.  I’m holding here, kids are just too dang expensive. (How do the Duggars do it?)

I am daily saved by the grace of Jesus and I pray to become more like him daily. I am not perfect but I trust in Christ to change me and help me grow into a woman who loves like Him.

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