Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lessons Learned Today

After 3 agonizing miles at 0630 this morning in some humid 75 degree heat I realized I recently have learned a few lessons.


Lesson #1- I have grossly undertrained for the race this weekend. Seeing that I'm a lazy slob I'm not sure why I thought intermittent running would get me ready for a 4 mile race. Also not really varying the speed or incline on the treadmill will severely limit your ability to run outside. Who knew? Ok so I knew that but I was hoping for some magical event to happen that would make me run fast and look good all at the same time. Still waiting on that...


Lesson #2- I hate the heat. The treadmill provides me with the ability for comfort. I have my fan, Sydney Bristow, and a cold bottle of water at my disposal through out my run. A back country road provides me no comfort. And this whole getting hot at the crack of dawn thing is getting old fast. I like cold weather running for outside. Until I move to Alaska to run I'm going to continue to complain about the heat and humidity.


Lesson #3- Country folk are more considerate drivers. This was the most pleasant lesson today. As I have been in Minier all week (AKA middle of nowhere) I have been able to utilize the back roads for my torture sessions. Every time a car/truck/tractor/semi has been headed my way it has not only slowed down considerably but it has also driven on the other side of the road and the driver waved to me. Now they might have been just making sure I was not on the verge of death as it may have appeared, or as I like to think it, they are just nice people. That and if they hit me, it's more than likely they will actually know me and have to tell my parents they smeared me across the road.


Lesson #4- I better start cross training. This is just fact. I will never get better or be in better shape if I don't do that. The question is what to do for a cross train?


In other news, little girl #2 decided that it would be a good idea to take a poo in the wagon outside in the driveway for us to find later. My conversation with her went like this:


Me: Did you poop in the wagon?

LG2: Yes I did.

Me: Why did you do that?

LG2: I was trying to be funny.

Touché little girl, touché.


Thursday, June 6, 2013


I don't know how people keep up with blogs and manage to have a life. I can't seem to hack it and I'm pretty darn organized. Of course maybe it has to do with the many life changes that I am going through. Not "The Change" but some pretty drastic changes none the less.


He sleeps like this every night, on my side of the bed, quite rude.


This last year has been rough for me and my family so it was decided to move. And I'm not talking about move to the other side of town, I mean move to another state and uproot your life in the process. The house here in Terre Haute is on the market and I have quit my job at the hospital (which was tough, having been there almost 10 years). I am still working a part time gig at another facility in Terre Haute that is more flexible in scheduling. In the mean time the job hunt is on. The husband has an interview today and I have an interview on Monday. I have had some other phone interviews as well but this one on Monday is the one I really want!!!! Here's to hoping...

This made me laugh so hard, and I don't know why.

Needless to say, I'm a bundle of nerves. Not only do we need a house, jobs, and to get out of this house, I need to get little girl # 1 into 1st grade by the fall in Minier, Il. (That's where we are moving) Unless you are from there you don't know where it's is, so don't ask. I also need to enroll little girl #2 in preschool and set up some type of Childcare (which is all dependent on jobs). And let's not even talk about packing the house...

She really doesn't care about moving, pampered snot.

It's hard to type this with her using my arm as a pillow.

All in the meanwhile I'm still running. Today I did 3.5 miles, and it was my first run outside since like 1986. Ok I might be exaggerating a little, but I seriously haven't ran outside in this calendar year. And it was pretty good, considering I can't pace myself for crap. Temperature was around 65 degrees and it was overcast at 0700 in the morning. PERFECT!!!! Except for that sudden urge to poo myself at 3.5 miles. I could have run at least another half a mile if my gut wasn't ready to explode. Ah, the things they don't tell you when you get into running.


View from the run. Probably could have dropped one there and no one would notice.


Maybe I could just go back to my job as a fashion model, that used to work pretty well.