Saturday, October 29, 2011

Let them eat cake


Monday was the last day that I ran. Tuesday through Thursday were devoted to a funeral and I have no excuses for Friday other than sheer laziness, lack of desire, and every growing apathy.


Me too little girl, me too.

So today I was out of reasons not to run.  I decided to make it treadmill time because I couldn’t possible carry a water bottle and chap stick at the same time as running.  I might trip and fall and ruin this delicate face.  I do have a modeling career to think of.

Almost got the money shot! Better luck next time.

I was pretty surprised with myself that I managed to run 4 miles without resting.  Now it did take all of 43 minutes to do it, so you know I was moving at the speed of light (or pudding).  I also listened to music while running today which I haven’t done in awhile and I was surprised at how much better it makes a run for me.  I get lost in my own little concert and before I know it 10 minutes have gone by. (Don’t worry the shiny is gonna fade off this realization and I will go back to hating running again.)  At least its done for the day and I can get on to complaining about other more important things like this.



There was a woman in the locker room who apparently thinks she lives here and can put her crap where ever she wants.  There are free lockers to use in our locker room all you have to do is bring a lock and then take your lock and stuff home after working out.  But no, lets put our junk in just the position that people will not be able to utilize this bench to put on their shoes or for pity sake take a rest.  And let’s make sure its sticking all the way out so people will not feel comfortable moving your crap to make room for their backside.  At the very least shove it all the way back so people don’t have to look at your unmentionables.

Funny Edge Ecard: I'm always impressed that no task is too small to irritate the hell out of you.


One of my best friends mom’s makes wedding cake (she even made mine).  And growing up I remember being able to go over to her house on any given day and looking in the fridge at the ginormous bowl of buttercream frosting.  We liked to take said frosting and make a sandwich out of two soft chips a hoy cookies.  Oh, how delicious, I miss it so much.  Well, when I talked to my own personal cake maker at the funeral she said she had a surprise for me and my sister.


She baked us each our own 6 inch round cakes of delight.  I’m currently applying for a license to marry mine.  She knows me so well, what else can help grief like cake?  Nothing, that’s what!  I really need to live closer to her so that I don’t have to drive 2 1/2 hours to get the confectionary treat.

Now excuse me while I go polish off the rest of the cake before my children or husband sniff it out and steal it.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Grey and Sad

Today could be better, but it could also be worse.  I currently sitting in my original home. Minier, IL.  It’s in the middle of no where land.  Don’t come here, there is nothing is see.  Seriously, there is not even a stop light.  Now don’t be jealous but there are 2 gas stations that both sell pizza and double as the movie store.  I grew up living the high life.  You can borrow my silver spoon some time too, I’m not too good to share.
imageYou know you want to come see the water tower.

I am here to celebrate the life of my great-grandmother Evelyn who lived to the ripe old age of 98.  Can you believe that, 98?  And she lived alone in her own home until about 3 months ago.  I just hope that my genes are that good.   She was almost late to her own funeral though.  Her home was in Siletz, OR were half my family lives but her burial plot is here in Minier so she had to be flown back. but she missed the flight.  I don’t know the ins and outs of flying the deceased but it seems like who ever is in charge should get the job done right the first time.
Deb N Gram Greathouse
That’s my mom and Gram.  She was pretty short.  I’m doomed to a life of shortness.
So now I am hanging out with my family.  It’s a great excuse for not exercising.  Not to mention that it’s pretty grey and misting outside.  Great day for some soup or hot cocoa.  So anyhoo we are off to take a family nap.  Maybe I’ll feel funny later.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Set the DVR to Catch Hell


Yesterday it had been 4 days since running.  So the 3 miles did do yesterday morning were difficult.  I kind of feel like I’ve hit some mental block with running/working out.  I use to want to get up in the morning and get moving.  I haven’t felt like that lately.  I just don’t want to do anything!  Sheer apathy on my part.

Funny Cry For Help Ecard: I prefer depression over exercise.


I did watch a great documentary or sorts last night.  “Catching Hell” has been on the DVR for weeks now and I just haven't’ had the time to watch it.  For those us Cubs fans this is a very important topic, Steve Bartman.

It chronicles the ins and outs of what happened the day he reached over the wall to attempt to catch a foul ball in the eight inning of game 6 against the Marlins.  I remember that game and seeing it happen.  This poor man was vilified for doing something that every other person  who goes to a ballgame would do, but some sort of mob mentality set in has ruined this mans life.  He is still living in some sort of hiding and to this day hasn’t accepted a penny for an interview.


I feel so bad for this guy.  And if you don’t know the story or  are a cubs fan this is a great documentary to see.  ESPN runs it occasionally so set your DVR.

By the way, I haven’t been very consistent at all with the whole Racing Weight Diet.  I’m gonna have to start all over.  And that is depressing all in it’s self.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Buy Some


Not much has happened during this staycation.  And that’s just the way I like it. So quit bugging me.  I did manage to have a jewelry party hosted by my super awesome best friend Amber.


All clear girl. Not a boogie in sight.

What can I say? We like to eat.  Don’t get in our way during said eating times or you might loose a limb.  I’ve worked with Amber for the last 7 years and she just recently added Stella & Dot stylist to her repituoir (selling jewelry compliments nursing, right?)


Give me one of each, NOW!

A few people from work showed up and purchased some lovely pieces and ate some food and drank some wine. We got a little loud.  So it’s a good thing I live out in the middle of no where, no cops here.


The food disappeared pretty quickly.


Just imagine the stories that were pouring forth from all nurses in this room.  Blood, guts, vomit and poop galore.

I even convinced my friend to buy this necklace.



Tough Cindy, you have to. It’s state law.


I had a lot of fun and should probably have friends over more often.  But the fact that I like to live like a hermit gets in the way.  I have lived in this house for over 2 years and this is the first non-birthday party that I have had.  And if you notice the above photos, my walls are barren.  I can’t decorate and don’t want to spend the money on decorating.  I’m waiting on my sister to do it for me but she’s just too lazy.


Get up and make me a sandwich!

Any body else ever have an in home, here buy this crap party?  I loved this one.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Yes, Salad

This is my salad today. I think I'm getting a full days veggies in one sitting. That's got to be some kind of record.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Stop being lazy and put your crap away


The Run:

Another rainy, gloomy, craptastic day here in the Midwest.  And seeing as I am a fair weather runner, to the gym I go.  A big day for me today, so I got my flabby butt out of bed at 6am in the DARK to work out. (I thought I was on a staycation?) Not cool.  At least Bob and Tom are on the air by then.  Three miles later in a quick 30 minutes and I was in the shower to get ready for a “meeting” at Cracker Barrel.  Oh, how I love thee!!!

This wasn’t my breakfast but it could have been.  Sign me up for biscuits.


The Crap:

Why can’t people put their shopping carts in a corral after using them?  Is it too much to ask a human being to walk an extra fifty feet the put your cart back?  Or would that strain you too much?  Be an adult and do follow the rules you set for your children, put your crap away.  I do.  I don’t want dings and scratches on my car and I’m pretty sure you don’t either, so help each other out and quit being so lazy.


And I’m wondering if the “Mullet” is back in style?  Billy the Exterminator sure likes it, every other person at Wal-Mart rocks it and Little Girl #1 thinks she needs one too.


I’m liking it!

If you are looking for a good laugh go here.  I always do when I’m feeling down and want to feel better about myself, though I am always slightly worried I will show up on this site.

In case you were wanting to know I ate one of these, and it was delicious.  You can judge me all you want.


All home made and delicious.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011



Today is the first day of 15 days where I don’t have to work!!!!  Let the staycation begin.  Its’ gonna be just one big party, so come on over.

Funny Confession Ecard: I can't even afford a staycation.

After the last three days of running ragged I needed a post game conference. I would like to now personally thank Applebee’s for the “Perfect Margarita”.  The best drink ever.


I’ll take two please.

Of course my friend Tena went with me after work but ordered a beer.  I don’t do beer.  It tastes like liquid bread in a bottle and that just makes me sad.

So I decided that I would start the first day of vacation with the cardio since I haven’t run in like 5 days.  I’m lazy I know. Tell me something new.  It was pouring when I woke up so the treadmill it was.  I managed 2 miles before walking and then spent another 30 minutes on the elliptical.  All the while I watched it rain from 5 floors up.  It’s pretty depressing.  All I could think about was going back to bed or eating soup.  Yeah, try to run now!  But on the way  out I ran into a new little friend who was expressing his love for me.


Seriously found him just like this. I love you too invertebrate.

Wildlife must be in love with me.  Speaking of wildlife, have you heard what happening in Ohio.

I also am giving the diet from “Running Weight” a try.  This rain makes me want a big bowl of chili thought so I might fail miserably.  But it is only 10 hours into today and I’m doing well so far.  Score one for me.

Have you heard about this 100 year old man who just ran a marathon?

I’m impressed.  He started running in his 80’s.  So why am I running now?  I’ve got another 50 years before I even need to think about starting an exercise regime. 

Friday, October 14, 2011

A Self Cleaning House?


Can you purchase a self cleaning house?  If so sign me up for one.  Or I could just have a home for me and another home for my husband and children and I could just visit daily but then go home to my nice clean house.  It’s that or send them to live with the grandparents.

Funny Christmas Season Ecard: I hope being at your parent's house this holiday break doesn't drive you nuts since you may be living there soon.

If I wasn’t so OCD this wouldn’t even bother me and I could stand to have toys strewn all over the house.


And by the way. I don’t really feel like running today.  And you can’t make me you jerk!  Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011



The Run:

Yet again another gym day.  I just wasn’t feeling a run today.  It was a struggle to even get in the car make it to the fitness center.  After bargaining with myself in the locker room for 10 minutes I started on the elliptical and did a 30 minute workout.  I then stood on a treadmill for about 5 minutes and tried to convince my feet to run.  But I couldn’t do it.  I walked at a fast pace at a 5.0 incline for another 15 minutes and called it a day.  I did lift with my arms and legs after so I wouldn’t feel completely worthless.  Over all I always feel so defeated if I don’t run.  Why can’t I get it through my head that running is not the only exercise available to me? Crapsticks!!


The Crap:

After my failed workout it was time to get the groceries and I did not shower or change clothes.


I will someday end up on the People of Walmart web site.  So it’s a good thing that I went to Kroger today.  Who doesn’t love to wear sweaty spandex and uggs around a store full of strangers?


While at the local Kroger and picking up my produce I ran across this nice little poster.


How nice to know that I can get some more local produce at a bigger grocery store.  Now if only we could get a whole foods!!!

Only one week until my staycation starts.  I can’t wait.  And my out-of-town family (mom, sister and niece) is coming in the weekend to hit up the covered bridge festival for some fried food and people watching.  Just wait until I post of pictures of that debacle.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Do Frogs get Squatters Rights?


Why can’t I get on a routine? Geesh Louish, I need to join the military where my day is laid out for me and I don’t really get to choose what to do or where to go, those guys have routine down pat.



The Run:

I made it to the gym by 8:00am today which means I got to feel like the super athlete next to all the blue hairs.  It was something like three 10 minute miles or ten 3 minute miles.  Let’s just leave it at, it felt like a lot.  After that agonizing 30 minutes I managed to perform a 20 minute elliptical interval workout that left my butt feeling like mush.  That’s a good feeling in case you were wondering.  During said workout I abandoned music for the Bob & Tom radio program.  I just wonder if people wonder what's going on in my head when I’m laughing out loud while running. “That girl is crazy, don’t go near her” or “I’m never getting on a treadmill next to that one again”. Probably. 


The Crap:

Why are sports bra’s so unflattering?  You have two breast that you would rather look like one?




I’m just oozing sex. Can you see it?

What ever happened to lift and separate?  Maybe I might feel a little better about my self if I didn’t feel all squashed and confined.  Thanks “sports bra” for being such a jerkface.


There is a squatter on my property.


I assume you’ve mailed the check?

It’s his third summer rent free in my white trash pond.  He runs when ever the landlord gets near and always has a great excuse why he can’t pay. “I’ve got kids”, “I lost my job”, “Stripping doesn’t pay as well as it used to”.  I don’t care amphibian, you could at least eat some flies for us.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Fast Food Frenzie

This happened after work. And I will not apologize for it. That is all.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Checking Out the Diet


The Run:

I was a little worried today about the ole foot after the last run where my it actually fell off my body, but it all turned out well. After decided upon Beastie Boys Radio on Pandora I was able to complete 4 miles on the treadmill in around 40:30, making for a 10:07 pace. After the run I hopped on the elliptical for 15 more minutes.  I’ve been trying to do more cardio.  We’ll see how long that lasts…

Consider me a Brass Monkey Junkie

The Crap:

I decided that if I was going to follow the diet outlined in “Racing Weight”  I should probably try some the suggested foods in order to increase my odds of success.  So I bought some different Kashi cereals to try since they are high in Protein and other goodness.


Neither cereal is bad, but the Toasted Berry Crumble definitely beats out the Honey Almond Flax.  I enjoy cereal that is sweet and its definitely the sweeter of the two.  Don’t get me wrong they both taste “healthy”, I wasn’t expecting fruit loops, but they both exceeded expectations.


These are one of my favorite pre-run meals, usually morning runs,are never heavy in my gut and don’t leave an after-taste.  They don’t taste like an energy bar and they are all organic.  And there is a wide variety of flavors.  I’ve yet to taste one that I don’t like.  Carrot Cake is an especial favorite of mine!!!


Yeah, me too.

This is my first attempt at protein powder.  And since I’m a cheapskate I went with the cheapest that Wally World had to offer.  But this new diet calls for more protein than I usually take in so I had to get it somewhere.  It will do for now.  Not to gritty, but I also mixed it with more liquid than called for to keep it from being real thick.


Yes, it does say wide mouth. Keep your comments to yourself.

Don’t be jealous of my Ball jar for a glass.  You know you will be looking for one now to be just like me.

And in case you were wondering, here was my dinner for tonight.


Lots of green. Broccoli, romaine, mushrooms, tomato, onion, and a whole avocado.  I’m not sure if a whole avocado is good for you.  But if it’s wrong, then I don’t want to be right.  I could bathe in avocado daily, is that wrong too?

I hope to try some more foods listed in “Racing Weight” in the next week or so as I plan to start around October 18th ish.  But if most of the food go as well as the above listed we are looking at a good run here.

What are your feelings on avocado?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Motivation Required


For some reason, I have avoided running outside lately. Not really sure why, could be because I don’t feel like pushing myself to run faster or because I’m sick of running in all the same routes or some slight depression over not having a buddy.  Either way, I’m gonna hit the gym more often till I feel like it’s time for a change.

Speaking of the gym, they got all new treadmills sometime over the last 3 days and I love them!  And I got the treadmill real estate by the fan today. Score one for this chick!  I managed to pull out 4 miles at a 10:10 pace before my left foot broke in half.  I started to feel it around mile 2 but thought, what the heck, push through.  I still have that little coach yelling at me in the back of my head that I can’t quit until I puke. 



Even though the old foot was falling of my leg I did manage to do some weights with my arms.  I really need to do this type of stuff more often.  I have been consistently running for over a year now and haven’t seen the weight loss I saw a the beginning though there is a considerable amount to go.  I know it is because I have grown complacent and unwilling to change routine in order to improve.  As well as eating habits that are less than stellar.


It should be noted that cupcakes are considered a mental health food in my book.


I have decided to do the meal plan that I read in “Racing Weight” over my vacation that is coming up this month and follow the routine outlined in it.  I’m still making my notes.  I’ll have another post on that later this week.


I finished the book “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett this week and I really liked it.

I can’t go see a movie that is based on a book before reading the book.  Mainly because movie companies usually make such poor representations of the authors words on screen.  I’d rather know the back stories and the real ending to the plot instead of the Hollywood version.  Anyhoo, “The Help” was awesome. It gave me a view into a time and place that I knew existed but they can’t teach in high school history class.


Lessons like how to dress in a socially appropriate way.

It’s an easy read through an emotional roller coaster that follows three women who decide to write a book that sheds light on the relationship between black domestics and their white employers in the 1960’s.  I have a feeling that the movie will not do it justice just as I lack the ability to describe the book appropriately.  Just go read it will you?

Today I started the book “The Devil in the White City” by Erik Larson.  I’m super excited for this one cause it’s a true story and will be all the freakier for it.