Sunday, July 29, 2012

You really should be watching the Olympics, RIGHT NOW!!!


Let me just start by saying, I love the Olympics!!!  If I could hole up in my house for the next two weeks, avoid all human contact,and have at least 5 screens displaying nothing but every available Olympic event, I would.  It might be pretty and I might really stink by the end of it but it would totally be worth it.  But since I actually have children and a husband to care for I will just have to settle for prime time coverage of old events.


And what about this crazy little freak of nature.  New world record.  But I lifted like 5 more pounds than this yesterday…


She could totally kick my butt and then lift me over her head and throw me.  Seriously,336lbs!!! I have trouble heaving my backside onto the kitchen counter…

BTW, I am getting a treadmill.  Watch out garage, we are going to be spending a lot of time together in the near future.  Get used to my stink and love it.

I gotta go, time for swimming!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

10 years going strong


I have been married for exactly 10 years.


My husband understands this better than anyone.  Don’t ya babe?

Aren’t you jealous?


And for said anniversary we went to dinner and a movie because we are completely original and loaded with money and can do anything we want.  So… The Dark Knight Rises it was.


Sorry Christian, I’m gonna wait and see how this whole marriage thing works out.


I have had the biggest crush on Christian Bale since I saw him in little women.


Christian Bale LW 1

The Dark Knight Rises was sooooooo good.  I will definitely be watching this movie again.  There were so many twists that even up until the end I was baffled.  But why would you cover Tom Hardy face???  That was just plain mean.  At least flash back a little more often to pre-Bane.


I will give you both equal time.

In other news, 2 days of walking in flip flops at a water park will make your plantar fasciitis flair up.  Epic Fail for these feet.  Not quite back to square one but some rest will be in order.  I’ll just have to have the slaves indentured servants children play fetch for things like oreos and milk.

Have you seen the Dark Knight Rises yet?

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fat running is hard!!!


Thought I would give a quick update on my dangling appendages.  And by dangling appendages I mean my feet and not boobs.  I have faithfully spent the last 2 weeks doing some stretching and rolling of my feet every night involving a tennis ball and a frozen can of cranberry sauce.  I found a great website that has assisted me in my healing process.  At athletes training athletes they really line out how and why and what you should be doing for each type of injury.  Instead of the doctor handing you a sheet of paper you don’t understand and even wonder if he could possibly do the exercises he wants you to do with his big pot belly hanging out.  (Sidebar: I always wondered how a fat doctor could tell me I needed to loose weight or get healthier, uhhhhh, look in the mirror first.) 



So anyhoo, after my come to Jesus talk with myself, I got down to business and really have seen some results.  I am by no means pain free but I can get through a day at work and not hobble home on bloody stumps and when I get up in the morning that first step in only uncomfortable instead of feeling like “OMG a shotgun has just blasted through my heel.” 



Take note, feet!!!

Now the precarious thought…  When to start back to running.  Do I give it a few more weeks and see if they have more improvement or do I attempt a few very very very short runs and see how they feel? (Of course sitting on my backside has been much easier over all than running 13 miles.)  If only another type of cardio sounded remotely interesting I could abandon running all together.  Who am I kidding,  I am not coordinated enough to swim or bike. We are lucky I am capable of putting one foot in front of the other without falling over every 5th step.  I guess more rest would be better than re-injury…




On a totally unrelated note, have you tried these…



There are no words…. Go out, buy them now.  You can thank me later and I would like to publicly thank my friend Sarah for starting me on my love affair.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

County Fair Time


Impromptu visit today to the Vigo Co. Fair.  Thankfully it was not a sweltering hot mess today, only in the high 80’s.  The girls had been begging to do something and since I’m a cheapskate we went to the Fair while it was free.  Who am I kidding, I really went for this…


Walking Taco= Best invention EVER!!!!!

It was Swine Show Day so we were able to some nice clean hogs.  Only once did I hear, “Kelsey, get your pig!!!” and then saw a moderately large brown pig escaping through the crowd.  I’d like to believe that the pig truly escaped to find a new home where he can be free from the threat of “The Butcher”.  But then again probably rather just eat him as pork chops.


Of course there was a petting zoo where I made a new friend.


And if you haven’t seen City Slickers then go see it now and you will understand the reference.  This little guy wanted me to take him home (mainly to be prevented from being turned into burger).  He acted like a cat when you petted his head and pretty much asked me to scratch his chin.  We parted ways but not without a few tears.

And the girls made some new friends too.


She kept saying, “They so soft…”  like it was amazing.



I love blowing their minds with this information.

Now would think that a petting zoo would be a PG rated affair, but you would be wrong.  In the pot bellied pig pen there was a momma piggy and her piglets who were only 3 months old.  And lets just say, I had to have the birds and bees talk with the girls a little earlier than I’d hoped.  At least it was the abridged version and I only they gave them the bare bones of the story.  But every time we turned around we saw this…


And this…


And just when I get a cute shot of something cute, I get photo bombed by pig sex…


Seriously a sick pig.  Even the Mama pig couldn’t avoid her horny progeny.


She kept biting him and tossing him aside every time he’d jump her.  The kids were so confused.  I’m confused too, baby pig incest???


Over all it was a great trip.  A lot of walking but nothing harrowing.  I just hope to not have nightmares about being attacked by pot bellied piglets…

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Big swollen feet


Last Sunday I had a come to Jesus talk with myself about my feet.  It seems like I have been dealing with them forever and I am sick of it.  But when I really think about it I haven’t been as aggressive as I should be with trying to get better.  There has been a lot of “research” and internal debate about what I should be doing but not a lot of action has gone into my heels other than my self prescribed “rest”.  But considering my job has me on my feet for 14 hours a day for at least three days a week that rest idea has gone by the wayside.

huge feet are a sign of bigfoot

…and painfully swollen.

So for the last seven days I have faithfully done some stretching, icing and rolling of my feet.  It sucks, because the whole process takes at least 30 minutes since I have to do both feet.  BUT I can say that I have seen a small improvement.  They still hurt but the pain is not as extreme as in the past.  I don’t have a secret desire to cut my own feet off anymore.  So I am taking these small victories and rolling with them.  Still no running yet.  I’m too nervous for that but I’m hoping soon.


Well, my feet might be winning at least.

Speaking of running, I have an opportunity to possibly purchase a Sole F63 treadmill used.  We are mulling the decision over. And by we I mean DJ has said do it and I can’t decide if we should  and where in the world would we put it????  No really, tell me where I can put it so that I can just buy it and cancel my gym membership.


I plan on going over and test running on it to make sure it suits my stride and has enough power and then I just might take the plunge and purchase a giant clothes drying rack treadmill.


Time for “therapy”.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Living vicariously through Bob Costas


It has been 8 weeks since I have even entertained the thought of physical activity and I am now beginning to really want to be able to run.  My feet still hurt like a mother, but my brain needs to get out and run.  I am going to get serious about getting better, instead of hiding in my injury induced depression eating homemade buttercream icing on graham crackers. (Don’t judge my coping mechanisms.)

cupcake mugshot


I am so super excited for the Olympics this summer.  I’m thinking of taking a leave of absence from work in order to not miss a minute of coverage from London.  On second thought, I think I should probably just travel over there to make sure I get a proper handle on things.  A last minute ticket to London couldn’t be that expensive could it.




Or not..


Well, I guess having Bob Costas live my experience for me will have to do.  Maybe seeing all those athletes will get me inspired to be slightly less of a slob.  Or maybe not…  If only there was an Olympic event in number of cupcakes one could consume in 1 minute.  I’d totally win.  Don’t ask me how I know that I could eat a large amount of cupcakes in a small amount of time, just trust me.